Growing ocean - growing ocean

Here are some things you need to know about growing artichokes. Artichoke plants thrive best where mild winters and cool, foggy summers prevail. In such growing conditions, they are perennials, yielding harvests for up to 5 years. Where winters dish up only a few frosty nights, plants will sometimes overwinter when pruned and mulched (zones 8 and 9). In colder regions, you have to treat artichokes as annuals planted in spring. They are best planted in fall in the humid, subtropical, frost-free areas of zones 10 and 11.

But no self-respecting environmental filmmaker is prepared to just sit around waiting for the world to immolate. So the new Netflix documentary Chasing Coral should be admired as an earnest effort to educate the masses, yet again.

Oil and gas exploration and production, marine aquaculture, and tourism and leisure in marine and coastal areas all experienced a significant increase in activity.

Growing Ocean - Growing OceanGrowing Ocean - Growing OceanGrowing Ocean - Growing OceanGrowing Ocean - Growing Ocean